Who developed MAGNA-RXTRA+?

The genius behind MAGNA-RXTRA+ is George Aguilar, M.D., a board certified urologist who has treated over 70,000 patients with erectile problems. He is a member of both the College of Urology, and the director of fortysix urologists. He is also past-president of his State Society of urologists.

After the worldwide success of his acclaimed MAGNA-RX+ formula Dr. Aguilar has continued to research safe, new, effective, all-natural ways to achieve maximum male enhancement, superior sexual performance, and
ultimate pleasure including MAGNA-RX+ Topical Lotion and his revolutionary, new energy-infused, extra-strength male enhancement formula, MAGNA-RXTRA+.

What makes MAGNA-RXTRA+ work so well?

The secret to MAGNA-RXTRA+’s breakthrough formula is Dr. Aguilar’s state-of-the-art Tri-Level Release System that provides a sustained balanced release of premiumenergy, performance, and stamina boosters that work together in near perfect synchronization to help transformyou into a nonstop sexual dynamo. Here’s how it works:

MAGNA-RXTRA+ is the first male enhancement pill to be engineered with Dr. Aguilar’s revolutionary, Tri-Level Release System, a seamless fusion of a three stage formula activation; each scientifically designed to maximize the results of the other two. By systematically combining the unique benefits of your maximum size, peak sexual performance, and powerful, rejuvenating energy and stamina boosters, MAGNA-RXTRA+ is the new gold standard in natural male enhancement.
LEVEL ONE begins with Dr. Aguilar’s original formula, #1 best-selling MAGNA-RX+ formula to ensure your maximum gains in both size and peak sexual performance.

LEVEL TWO simultaneously releases a proprietary blend of powerful fast-acting botanicals into the blood stream to designed to stimulate and support your testosterone and nitric oxide levels to give you the maximum support to reach the hardest, largest erections of your life fast.

LEVEL THREE releases potent energy and stamina boosters to help transform you into a virtual super stud almost overnight as you last longer and rejuvenate faster to give your biggest and best bedroom performance again and again.

Which Magna-RX+ product is best for me?

The correct answer is “all of the above” at various times depending on your specific needs:

1. Brand new, energy-infused, extra-strength MAGNA-RXTRA+ is for those special occasions you desire their maximum size, performance, and stamina to last up to eight hours.
2. Original MAGNA-RX+ is for daily use and supports your maximum size and sexual performance.
3. MAGNA-RX+ Topical Lotion is for on the spot instant stimulation to help support you in your goal to produce the biggest thickest, and hardest erections of your life fast.

How fast will MAGNA-RXTRA+ work?

Only minutes after taking fast-acting MAGNA-RXTRA+’s tablets, you can be ready to experience the exhilarating, seductive power of the world’s first energy infused male enhancement formula scientifically designed to help support your maximum size, stamina, and passion for up to a eight full hours.

Can I use MAGNA-RXTRA+ everyday?

Dr. Aguilar never intended or designed MAGNA-RXTRA+’s energy infused, extra-strength formula for continuous dailyuse (although some activemenmay choose to do so on their own). MAGNA-RXTRA+ is 100% safe to take daily and there are no negative side effects from doing so;however, the majority of men’s lifestyles simply do not necessitate the need for such a long-lasting energy infusion every day. For most men, Dr. Aguilar highly recommends his original, #1 best-selling MAGNA-RX+ formula to help achieve maximum male enhancement on a daily basis. Below is a brief summary of some of the recommended times to use extra-strength MAGNA-RXTRA+:
Special nights and occasions you desire to keep the good times going ALL NIGHT LONG! For active men on the go who desire to give their BIGGEST and BEST bedroom performance again and again. ANY TIME you need a fast powerful energy infusion and have it last up to eight hours.

What are the ingredients in MAGNA-RXTRA+?

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